Director Girish Bhardwaj (Director Vidyadham Classes)

It is my privilege to welcome you to the KCM WORLD SCHOOL.

We believe that education is a continuous process by which generations of diverse learners are prepared for the future by providing as many opportunities as possible to develop the various aspects of the personality. Each of our young students is gifted in a special way, be it in sports, academics or arts.

We strive to help them realize their innate potential. we want our students to take charge of their own learning by being self reflective. Our children will become self sufficient, thinking individuals who will contribute responsibility in a global community.

Towards this, our curriculum rests on the spirit of weaving together the various aspects of learning experiences such as the mathematical - logical, inter personal, linguistic, visual - spatial, oral- auditory and kinesthetic. It is designed in such a way that it addresses the different groups with what is their particular flow in the cognitive, social, emotional and physical realm.

Life in the boarding house begins at nine years.It envisages a community where the students share warm relationship with their Housemaster and Tutors. They enjoy a great degree of freedom but are also made to understand the value of being responsible and disciplined.They grow in an unfettered atmosphere, but also one which has safety net, in the form of close supervision and involvement.

While providing state of art facilities will be our constant goal, the selection of experienced and motivated facilitators would be equally our endeavour.The final transaction in the class room is the crucial factor...after all, what can match the thrill that comes when a challenge has been met or mystery unraveled...

This will be the essence of our approach as we set out to respond to the potential in each child and meet with the aspirations of each parent.